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La Malta Criolla

One of the rarest Venezuela Cones. Maybe 3 known

Berghoff Beer WF

Best Known? Only on grade one to my knowledge

Bon Premium Beer

Very Nice

Chevalier Premium Beer

Tough Can

City Club Beer Strong


Falls Velvet Beer

Tough Can Humidity

Iroquois Indian Head Beer

Some Nicks

Atlantic Beer

Few Humidity Spots

Iroquois Beer

Humidity & Scratches

Atlantic Ale

Nice Tough Can

Atlantic Ale

Some humidity

Old Fashion Select Beer

Tough Can

Regal Premium Beer

Tougher Miami Version Rarer in this condition

Silver Bar Sparkling Ale

Tough Can

Sunshine Light Beer

Very Tough. Maybe only 4-5 in this condition

Tally-Ho Beer WF

"Made in USA" instead of contents
Maybe one of a kind. Rumor of 1 other

Cap-Sealed Beer

Only one known

Utica Club Pilsener Lager Beer

Nice Can

Polar Malta

Neat Venezuela Cone

Rhinelander Beer

Under rated can without spotting

Iroquois Indian Head Beer

Few spots but tough this nice

Sunshine Light Beer

J-spouts big brother

Oertels '92 Lager Beer

Bright with flaws

Old India Vatted Pale Ale

Very clean and tough can

Olde Vat Premium Beer

Rare in this condition.
Book version with black line

Olde Vat Premium Beer

Rare in this condition
Not listed, no black line

Happy Hops Lager

Toughest North Bay version and in impossible condition

Bub's Beer

Super Clean "strong" version

Diamond State Light Beer

Super Rare can for 12oz cone

Lisco Lager Beer

Tough can in top condition!

Tropical Beer

Not many in this condition

Beverwyck Export Beer

Withdrawn free Tough in this condition

Hoff-Brau Dry Pilsener Beer

Seldom seen can

Dawson's Lager Beer

Way under rated! Can't be more than a couple of these. This may be best known?

Hoosier Beer


Old Export Beer

One of a Kind, Rejected Prototype. Notice the three silver lines at top.

Billings Pale Beer

Tough can

Black Forest

Tougher version 3.2-7%

Leidig's Dutch Mill Beer

Super Rare! Within the 3 best known of maybe 4 known.

Weber Beer

Nice Graphical Can

City Club

Pretty clean tough to fine metallic

Old Dutch Ale

Tough can with few nicks

Fitzgerald's Burgomaster

Very tough can this clean

Eureka Beer

Maybe in the top 4-6 indoor known. Dime size spot on back side

Topaz Beer

Better then most

Blue & Gold Beer

Classic Can

Grossvater Beer

Tougher can

Old Topper Lager Beer

Tough J-spout probably in the top 4-5

Olde Virginia Special Export Beer

Clean for this one

Dawson's Gold Crown Ale

Dawson's Beer

Clean with a few spots

Gluek's Beer

Chief Oshkosh Beer

Nice Graphics

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