I pay cash for older beer and soda cans. Specifically these cans have either spouted tops (cone tops) or need a can opener (church key) to open a steel sealed lid.

Any aluminum or pull tab era cans, this includes any commemorative, series or special edition type cans. Also commonly people ask how much the following cans are worth:

  • Mash 4077 Beer
  • Kentucky Derby Cans
  • Billy Beer
  • Old Frothingslosh
  • JR Ewing
  • Fighting Irish
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Iron City Sports Cans

In general these cans are worth about .50 to $2.00 each and NONE are rare.

I am interested in miscellaneous brewery or can company items like:

  • Beer and Soda can drinking mugs
  • Flat can sheets (unrolled cans)
  • Color overlays and the art work used for the can designs
  • Other?

Adjustable shelving units can be used to accommodate a growing can collection. How to display new acquisitions can be a concern if you have limited space.

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Top Type: Choose One
High Profile High Profile Low Profile Low Profile Quart Cone Quart Cone J-Spout J-Spout
Crowntainer Crowntainer Flat Top Flat Top Bank Top Bank Top  

Estimated Grade: Choose One
Mint Condition
Mint Condition
This term is often misused. For a can to fall in this grade it needs to be absolutely flawless including the top and bottom lids. No nick, scratches, watermarks or even the slightest mark. Most cans in the grocery store cooler would NOT meet this criterion.
Grade 1+
Grade 1+
Virtually perfect, with no noticeable imperfections of any kind. Only a tiny number of cans come off the canning line in such pristine condition.
Grade 1/1+
Grade 1/1+
Extremely minor scratches and dings around the rim, and lids may show some tarnish or discoloration, but no humidity spots, rust, dents or imperfections.

Grade 1
Grade 1
Very minor scratches, marks or humidity spots on the surface. Most indoor cans fall in this grade.

Grade 1-
Grade 1-
Very small humidity spots, dents and scratches or very light color fading.
Grade 2+
Grade 2+
Noticeable spotting, blotches, scratches, small dents or tiny rust spots, or some color deterioration.

Grade 2
Grade 2
Clean label, but with rust and other Blemishes on or near the seam, lid or bottom or with some irregular color.

Grade 2- or worse
Grade 2- or worse
Can has wear consistent with being left outdoors or in unconditioned spaces.
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