In 1976 Jack Martells published the first cone top guide “Cone Top Collector’s Bible”. This was on of the first beer can books I received. It had pictures of more cone tops then I knew existed. I used this book for years checking off every cone top that came into my possession. Looking back to when I first opened the book and was overwhelmed with how many cans there was, I am surprised how many I had collected over the years. I always liked the photo on the front cover and decided that I would make it a project of mine to reproduce that photo. So now 40 years after Jack published his book some crazy collector was inspired to reproduce it. Now before all your keen eyes pick out the flaws of it not being exact, I’ll state that this was not the intention. I purposely took the photo from a different angle and made some other slight changes so it would never be represented as the original photos. I think anyone that knows rarity of cones knows that the 76 Ale is not only a super tough can, but I actually got the exact same one as originally used.