About 2004 I started adding soda cans to my collecting habits. At that time the National Pop Can Collector’s (NPPC) club had a small group and not as popular as the beer can collectors. I believe around 2006 the amount of soda can collectors more then doubled and even long time beer can collector were either adding soda cans to their collection or completely switched over. 

I was pretty active within the club. I organized a few shows including one National Canvention. I served as President of the NPPC. I created their first website WWW.NPPC.COM and am currently the webmaster. This club has gone though many stages including very active peaks and then some quite lows.

Getting into collecting soda cans at the right time gave me access to purchase a few nice advanced collections. The soda cone tops were pretty well documented in several reference books and lists by earlier collectors. I decided to specialize in Soda Cone Tops. I will make the claim that at the peak of my soda cone collection, I probably had the largest collection of different soda cone tops in the world. That sounds big but considering how many (probably less then 50) active soda cone collectors there are in the world it tames that claim. I had 216 different soda cone tops! I broke this collection up and sold the cans individually giving many collector a change to own some rare cans. Click here to see most of the collection.