Like most collectors, I was reading the classified ads in a local paper and came across the typical ad “Beer Can Collection For Sale..”. Most of these types of ads lead to the 1970’s straight steel and commemorative cans. I made the call and arrangements to view the cans.

In the basement, laid out on a pool table was just what I was expecting. I explained to the man that the cans were not old enough for my collection. Then it all happened! He said he had found some older cans in the attic of his past east coast residence. He said they were VR or something like that and went to get them.

All of a sudden in front of me was a box of 10 indoor VR Vat Reserves and one pristine Boston Light Ale J-Spout. The cans ranged from 1+ to 1-.

TheVR’s were full when he found them and some had leaked causing slight discolor on the red bands and to the spouts. He said they were not for sale, but he would trade for sports memorabilia. After a few months of negotiations I had traded for nine VR’s. The best VR and the Boston Light Ale was not obtained. He wanted to keep one of each and was not going to budge. I did try for several months, but he moved again and I could not locate him. I still wonder if those cans made it into the hobby?