One day I was reading my email and was deleting the “junk” mail. One email struck my attention just before deleting it. It only said, “find” in the subject column.

I opened the email and discovered a photo of Kopper Kettle cone tops can. I contacted the man and found out that he and his ex-wife came across one case of Kopper Kettles and two cases of Gipps Amberlin Beer cones. He stated that in the divorce the ex-wife kept some of the cans. I negotiated a price for the can he did have and obtained Ten Kopper Kettles and one case of the Gipps. The Kopper Kettles ranged from A1+ to 1- and most of the Gipps were 1- with humidity damage.

I did contact the ex-wife and she claims she threw them out, OUCH!